Saturday, December 20, 2008


New puppy, Leo, looks like this:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Update on Damon

My mom got home, and sadly the moment she heard Damon was a pitbull mix, she said that there was absolutely no way we were getting him. She will not have a pitbull in her house. I first noticed Damon when he sat staring at me from behind the bars of his cage, wagging his tail patiently and staring into my eyes. All the other dogs were growling at eachother, barking, or just ignoring my brother and me. Something about Damon drew me right to him, and I think I was hooked when he leaned against my hand when I reached through the bars to pet him. Throughout the whole visit he remained calm. I didn't hear him bark once.
Damon grew up in a home with a family for 8 years. He was there when they brought home their first child, and was the little boys companion for three years. Damon was obience trained, and he demonstrated his knowledge of comands like sit, stay, come, paw, and other tricks to me today. (Much better than Aubrey might I add!) Damon grew up with cats in his home, too, which is great since we have two. This sweet dog has been at the MSPCA for SIX MONTHS after his family had to leave him when they moved. They probably couldn't bring him because of rediculous insurance laws against pit bulls, but that's just speculation.
5 out of 8 of the dogs in the MSPCA were pitties, and they were all sweet, loveable dogs. Yeah, there are mean pitbulls out there, but it's a little rediculous how people fear dogs without getting to know them. I really hope if Damon can't live with us, he'll find another good home soon. I bet he's sick of living in a cage and would really like to have a family again.

Hop on

I am so understimulated.

Maybe that's why I'm starting a blog.
Maybe I just think blogs are cool.
But in any case, here I am typing away.
I doubt I would be any good at sharing the workings of my mind with anyone via internet, or at all for that matter, but maybe having a blog will be good for me. I've always kept a journal until very recently.

.....empty space...

What's there to blog about?
What hasn't been said yet?
Today I went with my brother to look for a new dog. We found one we both really liked named Damon. Here he is:
He's a pitbull mix who lived with a family for 8 years. They had to move without him. :-(

We brought Aubrey to meet him and they got along famously! This is Aubrey to your left. (Actually it's just a dog that looks identical to her, but she makes that face!:-D) Newfies are the most adorable puppies, by the way. They look like bears!

Newfie Puppy!!! *dies from cute*

Here, have a few more cute newfie pictures. I'm ending this blog.