Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hop on

I am so understimulated.

Maybe that's why I'm starting a blog.
Maybe I just think blogs are cool.
But in any case, here I am typing away.
I doubt I would be any good at sharing the workings of my mind with anyone via internet, or at all for that matter, but maybe having a blog will be good for me. I've always kept a journal until very recently.

.....empty space...

What's there to blog about?
What hasn't been said yet?
Today I went with my brother to look for a new dog. We found one we both really liked named Damon. Here he is:
He's a pitbull mix who lived with a family for 8 years. They had to move without him. :-(

We brought Aubrey to meet him and they got along famously! This is Aubrey to your left. (Actually it's just a dog that looks identical to her, but she makes that face!:-D) Newfies are the most adorable puppies, by the way. They look like bears!

Newfie Puppy!!! *dies from cute*

Here, have a few more cute newfie pictures. I'm ending this blog.

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